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The Origins and Vision

Bright, bold and here to make a difference.

Who are we

We are a team of 5 young minds from 5 different countries, and together we are part of the #25under25 of Young Sustainable Impact.

Our teams are incredibly diverse yet deriving from the same brand of wonderful – genuine, determined, talented and thought-provoking people. The team was brought together by YSI Global, an amazing organization empowering youths from around the world to solve the sustainability challenges of the 21st century.

Together we strive to be an impactful force for innovation.

What we do

In the list of a thousand problems that the human race faces, our team has deliberately filtered through each of these and selected the top 3 urgent issues facing growing cities today: transport, clean energy and waste management.

Our research and ideation is focused on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Sustainable Cities & Communities. To build a start-up from scratch with team members spread across the globe might seem a daunting task, but our team, with the aid of technology and trust in each other, is ready to prove this wrong! From the brainstorming, design thinking, ideation, research, prototyping – we will continue to do this virtually until we finally converge in Oslo this August.

Throughout this process, we are also reaching out to professional mentors and experts of the field to further validate and refine our product. We believe this invaluable experience should be shared to the world, as we would love to witness better changes in the lives of others.

What we value

We are in the business of innovating for a better tomorrow. We take our work and mission extremely seriously, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously - we also learn to have lots of fun, while building towards our end goal of creating truly impactful innovation.

After all, we are a bunch of millennials who work day and night (across 5 different time zones) to transform ideas into reality.


Being a young, dynamic and freshly-formed squad, the team has been building trust and accountability in our work thus far. Diversity and productivity is highly valued in the team. With the extensive resources of YSI and our personal networks, we truly hope to be able to bring forth a full-fledged business model for innovation.

Join us

We will be recording the progress of our start-up-in-the-making on this site, while sharing some key findings, useful links, and fun updates from our team.

We welcome you to partner with us on this incredible journey!

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